It’s amazing just how much news coverage has been devoted to the Green Bay Packers this week. It is perhaps even more incredible how little of that airtime was devoted to their draft selections.To buy more Packers Men Game with cheap price, you can visit official website.

The news that Adam Schefter leaked this week regarding Aaron Rodgers’ increasing dissatisfaction with the franchise has caused a media frenzy the likes of which Titletown hasn’t seen since, well, last year’s draft. Talking heads all over the major sports networks are champing at the bit to eviscerate Green Bay’s handling of their malcontented Hall of Fame quarterback.

The lack of attention devoted to the actual, you know, 2021 NFL Draft has angered many fans of other NFL teams that are trying to focus on the blessings that their general managers have bestowed upon them. Hall of Fame wide receiver Joe Horn expressed dissatisfaction that ESPN was talking about Rodgers instead of his son being drafted.

This situation, unfortunately, goes both ways. The Rodgers hype generates the clicks, but major media outlets owe their readers and viewers the chance to actually pay attention to the moves that their teams are making. National media needs to look beyond the quarterback-tinted lenses that the NFL so often forces on its constituents.

That being said, now that it’s completed we can properly judge the 2021 Green Bay Packers draft class.

I wrote a brief Day 1 predictions piece a couple of days ago that was online for no more than two hours before the Rodgers news broke and rendered the whole thing obsolete. I was also, as a matter of fact, very wrong about my projections and inferences.