As the holiday season approaches, many people choose to plan to find good places, good activities, and connect with their loved ones. Is that correct? So today, we have arranged for 5 activities that you can do for relationship, whether holiday or weekend, you can choose to join together!

1. Camping

Camping is a popular relationship building activity. Whether going out on a camping trip with friends or lovers But if you go with your lover, there will be even more romance. Considered to be living with 2 on 2 in a very intimate way, no lover who certainly does not like. Especially if you choose a place that is not very crowded Or in good weather The view is also good. I recommend it. Camping places are usually located outside the city. Most are located in the high places like most of the mountains, but if anyone doesn't like mountains By the sea, the atmosphere is quite good as well.

But the caution of inviting couples to go camping is It may be a little difficult. Because you have to sleep in a tent Cook yourself and chill if your partner is not chill. This is not recommended at all.

2. Ecotourism

For green lovers Who especially fell in love with nature This activity is very suitable that most ecotourism attractions come together in almost every province! Then took the opportunity to stay overnight in the provinces And plan slotxo เล่นฟรี to take an eco-tourism trip too, for example, walking around the mangrove forest Take a walk in the old community Or take a walk in a romantic fish tunnel No matter where to choose I assure you that by holding the hand of your lover to take a walk in the midst of nature Free from many colors And free from pollution that is encountered every day Will help to increase the happiness in love is doubled

3. Find a fun workshop to do together.

If anyone has not much time for vacation It may be a short Weekend, but I would like to find good activities, connect with my lover, recommend the Workshop because it takes only 1 day. You'll see workshop activities from many shops or camps, which invite the general public to join in. Some may have to pay a small fee. But it is very worthwhile for good things. Get back to an interesting workshop for couples. Recommended baking / cooking workshops Clay pottery workshop or many others

4. Out in the provinces Stay at a resort or hotel With activity package

Traveling to other provinces with your lover It is believed that many people choose to do it on a regular basis because it is a one-on-one life in another way. This is different from the traditional daily life, but it is recommended that if you want this period to be complete and beautiful, prolong your love life for a long time, you can try activities during your trip out of the province as well. Find a resort or hotel that comes with a package of good and fun activities. No need to make any other plans. Or you can choose a resort or a hotel that offers light activities, not a focus on adventure, such as massage, spa, and cute workshops because of getting out. Living alone together in another place It is considered to be very happy and can be chosen according to your love lifestyle.

5. Visit an amusement park

Holding the hand of your lover back to your age as if you were a poppy love With a visit to an amusement park, it is considered a very good idea, believing that many people would want to have a fun experience with their loved ones as well. A visit to an amusement park is not only fun. Have good relationship with love life It also helps release stress from many matters as well. If you've taken your lover's hand into the amusement park Guarantee you will have a good feeling, bright, ready to Enjoy with your lover as if you were in another world again.