Covid-19 in the UK: How many coronavirus cases are there in your area?

There have been more than 1.2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and 50,000 people have died, government figures show.

However, these figures include only people who have died within 28 days of testing positive for coronavirus and other measures suggest
the number of deaths is higher.

New cases remain high after sharp increase
On Thursday, the government announced a further 33,470 confirmed cases.

This was the highest figure in since the start of the pandemic, though it's thought there were more infections during the first peak in
the Spring, but testing capacity at the time was too limited to detect the true number of daily cases.

Confirmed cases started rising again in July, with the rate of growth increasing sharply in September and October.

Daily deaths continuing to rise
Deaths have been rising again since the beginning of September following their first peak in April.

Due to a delay in data-processing of deaths in England, the government was unable to provide a figure for newly-reported deaths in UK
on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday Scotland reported 45 deaths, there were 34 new deaths in Wales and 11 deaths in Northern Ireland.

Hospital admissions vary around UK
Although hospital admissions for Covid-19 remain below the levels seen in the spring, there are big regional disparities.

The North West, North East and Yorkshire, and Midlands have seen the highest number of admissions in recent weeks.

But some areas - including the North West, London, Scotland and Northern Ireland - are beginning to see signs of a slight improvement.

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