If you want a quality power strip But don't want to buy a new one How to connect a power outlet to a switch is another interesting way. For those who want to DIY a home wiring To add a switch to use, so Baania has compiled a few tips. slotxo And information of each type to leave everyone together with a simple observation method as follows

Types and methods of connecting a power outlet to a switch
If talking about the type of power plug And the switches available in all over the world Each type has its own shape. And working in different ways as follows

Type of power plug
1. Type A
This is the most popular type of plug used in Thailand. The flat, two-pronged chuck, also known as (bipod plug), is a standard plug size that can be inserted into a two-prong power strip.

2. Type B
Type B is a type of three-prong plug, or as many of you call it a "three-prong plug". Has three round legs With ground pin This type of plug is used in Japan. And the American continent as well

3. Type C
It has a round head with 2 legs. Most of the plugs of this type can be found in various electrical appliances in Thailand. Fans, microwaves, grills, for example, are very popular plugs.

4. Type D
You will certainly not see a plug like this in Thailand. Because this type is used in the regions of India, Nepal, suitable for high power appliances. With a large round head with 3 legs

5. Type E
It is round, 2 legs, large with ground on one side, is used in Europe such as France, Slovakia etc.

6. Type F
You will find these types of plugs in various categories of electrical appliances, for example: Washing machine, computer, iron is a plug that has a round 2 legs, large but strong. And safety in use is huge

7. Type G
The advantages of this type of plug are Can be used very well, durable, safe, but will be used in England, Hong Kong, etc., but in Thailand has not yet been confirmed. Due to the difficulty of converting the plug head itself

8. Type H
This type of plug is only used in Israel. Because it is a very special design Has a round head, 3 legs

Switch type
Another important parameter for the distribution of electricity to electrical appliances. But will serve to connect the electric current together By turning on - off the switch of each type. Will have different formats as follows

1.Slide switch
The operation of this type of switch Will use a connection under the base There is a behavior by sliding up - down or left - right to turn on - off. It is mainly used in flashlights. Electronic appliances, toys, etc.

2.Push switch
It is the type that works with the electrical system inside most appliances. For example, applications such as remote control, computers, mobile phones, rice cookers are touch switches. One press or On-Off will make it work immediately.

3. Tilt switch
It is mostly used by connecting to a power strip. Or electrical appliances It works as an On-Off switch, which is the most common form we see on a daily basis.

4.Long-lever switch
Many of you may have never seen this type of switch. Because it is not very popular to be used much With a long stem Protruding outside the body of the switch You can lift up - down to turn on - off.

5.Rotary switch
As a rotary switch To select a level And on-off Most often, these types of switches are found on ceiling fans, microwaves, washing machines, irons, etc.

6. Micro switch
For this kind If you want to use it, you have to press it all the time. Because if you remove your finger The switch will turn off immediately. Used for little use. Not suitable for home use.

Manual power and switch connection
1. Screwdriver
2.Power plug like you want
3.Power cable
4.Duct tape

How to manually connect the power outlet and switch
For how to connect the power plug And the switch is another easy way that you can do it yourself. With only a few materials And only takes a few minutes You will definitely have a complete power outlet to use in your home. With the following methods

1. Cut off the power
Before repair or Decorate parts of the house that are related to the lighting system. The power must be cut first. To make it easier to work And there is no danger of electricity By lifting the circuit breaker down before the operation itself

2. Connect the power plug.
Take the power plug that was provided and take apart the parts. By using a screwdriver to remove the nut from the base After that, bring the prepared wires to the base. There will be holes assigned according to the color of the wires. After that tighten the nut.

3.Connect the main cable and the power cable.
At this stage, check each cable and connect it according to its color, for example, the main cable. After complete To bring the lamp of the light base Come into the terminal area

4. Connect to the wall.
After preparing the plug And the power switch is completed You bring the wires prepared. Go to the house wall power cord in the plug block. By connecting them closely Duct tape may be used to wrap and store cables, and if finished, cover tightly in preparation for a general commissioning test.

Caution in plastic rail wiring
Another important thing that homeowners should not ignore for the wiring in the plastic track is. The wires used to connect the electrical points should be of quality and suitable for the job. So that the current can flow through it effectively And prevent electric short circuit Which is the cause of the damage
For those who are looking for How to connect a power outlet to a switch is quick and easy, we've compiled these tips for everyone to choose from. Try it as a guide to installing lighting in different rooms in your home, as well as choosing the right type of outlet and switch for your home, so choose standard materials from your electrical supply store. For effective use