In recent years, depression is becoming more and more popular in our home. From the news of the loss of famous people due to this disease But there are still many people who do not understand the exact cause of the disease. slotxo Thought it was a modern disease But in fact, this disease has been around for a long time. But we do not know how to handle it. In addition, people have many misconceptions that people with this disease are vulnerable. They are lifeless people, which are not actually caused by neurotransmitters in the brain. Causing patients to have different views and ideas from the general In this article,  slotxo will walk you through the method or words that should be used. If you find that someone close to you is suffering from depression Which these verses have had a lot of effect on his mind, let's see

Forbidden words
In addition to these words, the patient will not receive additional encouragement. It can also make them feel worse as well, such as why crying is fine. How to be sad, but not tired? Etc. In psychology called Ignorance is to let the patient feel that they are facing bad things alone.

Words must say
From the above forbidden words, many people might ask, So what should I say? Which words that we should use to encourage patients It helps him to recognize that we are on his side. For example, I don't know how bad you are, but I am always ready to understand you. I believe that soon you will get better, be patient, or for some people there may be a handshake or a hug. Convey good feelings to him, the patient will begin to understand that someone is by their side, giving him hope.

Close your mouth and open your heart
What depressed patients need most is someone by their side to listen to their problems. Which if someone with someone close to them is depressed You should ask him or encourage him to share things he is uncomfortable with. Without you having to comment Except to listen to him as carefully as possible

Don't let it go away
Another way to make the patient feel better. Is to take him out to change the atmosphere Which usually the patient may be introverted Isolate from society We may take him out for a walk. Or go out to eat nearby Some house If so, take it for a fun trip. Go if you can It really helps.

All in all Caring for people with depression requires patience and understanding. The mind must be strong because otherwise it might fall into the direction of another person. And should stop the metaphorical speech that "Look at that person, he's a lot harder He's not sad yet. ”That doesn't help them at all. And should not focus on the urgency that will allow him to disappear Just try to give him enough love, care and understanding.